Hawk75 (Datalogger - GPS)

The Data Loggers are made up of a GPS that records data to a memory on the Hawk75 (Datalogger – GPS) unit that is capable of storing up to 20 000 readings. The frequency of readings that the unit is set to take will determine the lifespan of the Data Logger – as well as the battery pack used. The memory of the Data Logger is non-volatile so it cannot be lost if the battery goes flat.

Power consumption varies depending on the frequency of readings (e.g. hourly, daily or weekly etc.) for example, the estimated battery life for a data logger taking 5 readings per day is two years on a ‘D’ size lithium battery.

Data Loggers can be mounted on Radio Collars so that at the end of the data collection period, the collar can be located for retrieval by means of radio tracking techniques.

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Radio, Cellular and Satellite Collars, Data Loggers, GPS-UHF Download collars as well as Abdominal Implants can be refurbished at greatly reduced cost.

Refurbishment implies the recycling of the transmitter with installation of a new battery pack enabling additional usage out of the unit. The transmitter is retrieved from the casing of the old/expired unit and then re-fitted into a brand new casing with new batteries.

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