HAWK-UHF Tracking & Management system

HAWK-UHF is a satellite based monitoring system designed to give operators and customers
a clear visibility of the location of their animals through scheduled reporting. It uses the Global Positioning System
(GPS) to accurately pinpoint current location, velocity and heading at user-specified times. This data is downloaded using a receiver connected to a laptop computer. The range can vary from a few hundred meters to a few kilometers depending on the surroundings. The data can then be exported or displayed on a 3D map.

The HAWK-UHF device records the following parameters:

- Latitude & Longitude
- Altitude
- Velocity
- Heading
- Temperature
- Status

GPS Specification

Horizontal < 5 meters (50%), < 8 meters (90”%)
Altitude < 10 meters (50%), < 16 meters (90%)

Re-acquisition < 2 seconds (90%)
Hot Start < 10 seconds (50%), < 13 seconds (90%)
Warm Start < 38 seconds (50%), < 84 seconds (90%)
Cold Start < 50 seconds (50%), < 84 seconds (90%)

Receiver Specifications:
Frequency: 869MHz
Range: 100m to 2 km (ground-to-ground line of sight)
2 km – 8 km (air to ground, line of sight)
Download speed: 4 readings per second (depending on quality of the link).

Settings & Scheduling:

All settings and schedules are remotely programmable using the HAWK receiver.

Minimum time between readings: 5 minutes
The device can be scheduled to report its location at set intervals, specific times or intervals between specified times.

Power consumption:

The following is approximate battery life based on one “D-cell” battery under normal circumstances. This calculation is not a guarantee but only an approximation.

Tracking interface:

Data Presentation
Positions can be viewed on Google Earth 3D mapping software.
Data is stored on the user’s PC were it can be accessed for analysis.
All data is backed up on a server.
The HAWK software provides: Tabular, Map based (Google Earth), file export and historical
data replay capabilities.


Radio, Cellular and Satellite Collars, Data Loggers, GPS-UHF Download collars as well as Abdominal Implants can be refurbished at greatly reduced cost.

Refurbishment implies the recycling of the transmitter with installation of a new battery pack enabling additional usage out of the unit. The transmitter is retrieved from the casing of the old/expired unit and then re-fitted into a brand new casing with new batteries.

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