The Tags & Receivers system consists of two parts. The first is a digital tag receiver mounted on a collar with a GPS device that determines it’s position to within 5 meters. The second part is the tags with unique ID numbers and temperature sensors. The tags can be mounted onto animals by various means due to their small size (e.g. collars or implants). At schedule reading times the digital receiver records its exact GPS location as well as the location (direction from unit) and distance (in terms of signal strength) of each tag within range. The signal strength is only to be used as a rough indicator of distance from the receiver unit as the animal itself, as well as the environmental conditions & surroundings can affect signal strength. The tags’ battery life is estimated to last approximately 3 years on one penlight lithium battery.

The data from each scheduled reading is then saved onto a Data Logger that can store up to 20 000 readings. The data can be transferred to the uses via GSM network (if the receiver is attached to a Cellular collar) or via Satellite (if the receiver is mounted on a Satellite collar) or stored on a Data Logger Radio Collar and retrieved by locating the unit by means of radio tracking and manually removing the collar after a specified time period.

Tags & Receivers data plot
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