A professional consulting service is available through collaboration with GIS specialist scientists
  Detailed data analysis can be conducted on request. This work is outsourced to relevant experts and can include home-range analysis, creation and printing of large maps or posters with the data as well as Google Earth video's of the animal's movement over time.

The following services can be provided:  

1. Consultation regarding your specific requirements: This will ensure that you obtain a tracking system that best suits your needs.  

2. Data management: Using AWT equipment you can personally access your data, store it and make visual presentations. If you do not want to be involved with this routine we can do it for you and provide you with locations, or plots of the data on a digital background map. The data can be sent via email as required or provided as hard copy by post.  

3. Data analysis: Your data can be analyzed to determine home range, dispersal or habitat preference. This data can be provided as digital images or hard copy prints. A system can also be developed where the client can interact with the data and it can be presented in various formats. 

3. Large Maps, Posters or Google Earth Video of movements: Your data can be plotted onto Google Earth and large images created for posters or printing. The data can also be plotted onto Google earth and a video of the track or animal's movement created over time. 

Satellite Image data plots Topographical Map data plots

Google Earth data plots

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