Implants involve the same radio telemetry techniques as Radio Collars except that the device is either implanted into the horn or the abdominal cavity of the animal. When tracking the animal, the user manually searches for signals on specific radio transmitter frequency using a Yagi antenna. With this technology a wide range of animals can be tracked. Radio telemetry involves the use of pulsed signals and its utilization can take place in virtually any habitat.

The implants can be inserted into the abdominal cavity (e.g. most animals where a radio collar is not suitable) or into the horn (e.g. Black or White Rhino). With radio implants it is imperative to remember that terrain, vegetation and power lines will have an effect on the reception. Dialogue between clients and AWT is essential in order to ensure that clients are issued with the correct equipment to suit their specific needs.


  Available for most animals where a radio collar is unsuitable for example:
- Aardvark
- Porcupine
- Bushpig
- Warthog
- Python


- Available for Black and White Rhino


Radio, Cellular and Satellite Collars, Data Loggers, GPS-UHF Download collars as well as Abdominal Implants can be refurbished at greatly reduced cost.

Refurbishment implies the recycling of the transmitter with installation of a new battery pack enabling additional usage out of the unit. The transmitter is retrieved from the casing of the old/expired unit and then re-fitted into a brand new casing with new batteries.

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