Traditionally, tracking animal movements is done manually, searching for signals on specific radio transmitter frequencies using a receiver and a Yagi antenna. This technology is suitable for tracking a wide range of animals. Radio telemetry uses a series of radio signals that are pulsed from the transmitter and this technology is robust enough to operate in virtually any habitat. With radio collars you must remember that terrain, vegetation and power lines will all have an effect on signal reception. We encourage dialogue between clients and Africa Wildlife Tracking to ensure we tailor clients with the equipment that suits their tracking goals.

Most mammals larger than a mongoose can be fitted with radio collars including:

Elephant, buffalo, giraffe, lion, cheetah, leopard, wild dog, hyaena, aardwolf, smaller cats, all antelopes (and ungulates) and meerkats.

Ground Hornbill
Banded Mongoose
Radio Tracking
Wild Dog

Radio, Cellular and Satellite Collars, Data Loggers, GPS-UHF Download collars as well as Abdominal Implants can be refurbished at greatly reduced cost.

Refurbishment implies the recycling of the transmitter with installation of a new battery pack enabling additional usage out of the unit. The transmitter is retrieved from the casing of the old/expired unit and then re-fitted into a brand new casing with new batteries

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