Satellite Collars (GPS)

Satellite tracking is proving to be extremely valuable in the wildlife environment. The unit is based on a mobile global two-way communication platform utilizing two-way data satellite communication complete with GPS systems. Various Satellite systems are used depending on the size and type of collar required.

By connecting to the internet the customer has access to customised maps, historical data and near-to-real time positions of the animals without leaving the comfort of his/her office. All historical data can be downloaded onto the hard drive. The client can change parameter settings, poll the unit and geo-fence certain areas from his/her PC. The units can be programmed to send an sms or email with coordinates at specified times or when the satellite unit comes within a certain proximity of a specified geo-boundary.

The AWT system and software architecture provide the following functions on the customer's PC:

- Asset Tracking
- GPS Location reports
- Geo-fencing
- Highly detailed custom mapping
- History reports
- History playback
- Polling on demand
- History plotting on map
- Range of reporting types and functions



A satellite in geosynchronous orbit is located directly above the equator at around 36,000 km. At that distance the satellite will take exactly 24 hours to orbit the planet. As the earth also takes 24 hours to rotate on its axis, the satellite will seem to stand still, thus we have the term geostationary. A geostationary satellite always stays directly over the same area on earth.

Fitting Elephant collar

Radio, Cellular and Satellite Collars, Data Loggers, GPS-UHF Download collars as well as Abdominal Implants can be refurbished at greatly reduced cost.

Refurbishment implies the recycling of the transmitter with installation of a new battery pack enabling additional usage out of the unit. The transmitter is retrieved from the casing of the old/expired unit and then re-fitted into a brand new casing with new batteries.

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