A South African company based in Pretoria. We specialise in making satellite and radio tracking equipment for wildlife.

Martin & Sophie Haupt

Africa Wildlife Tracking cc
106 Nuffield Street
Pretoria, 0084
South Africa
Tel: +27 12 329 1788
Fax: +27 12 329 1784

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Africa Wildlife Tracking uses state of the art technology to provide individuals and organisations the tools they need to manage and protect wildlife resources effectively. With our commitment to research and development, we strive to bring you the latest innovations in satellite and wireless communication technology. We also supply advanced electronic systems to put our customers in charge of their tracking and monitoring needs.

Some of Africa Wildlife Tracking’s options include a combined GPS / satellite / VHF tracking system that uses satellite technology to relay real time and historical animal data. Depending on your needs, we can fit this system via a neck collar, epoxy glue mount or a backpack. For radio telemetry we also supply units as an abdominal implant for most mammals and even a horn implant for rhinos.

You can chose between radio and satellite systems to track animals on land. Here our VHF radio systems provide a cheaper option to track animals manually using a receiver and antenna. With radio collars it is imperative to remember that terrain, vegetation and power lines will have an effect on the reception. We encourage dialogue between clients and Africa Wildlife Tracking to ensure we tailor clients with the equipment that suits their tracking goals.

Our satellite and cellular systems allow you to track animals day and night, while you monitor their movements remotely from your computer. These systems allow efficient control and monitoring of wildlife in all weather conditions in near-to-real time. You can even communicate with your animals, calling up their positions or changing your tracking schedules.

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